RentalSpot is located in Charlottesville, Virginia

Our Team

We are both vacation home owners and renters, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We became frustrated with the limited options available to both owners/agencies and renters. Our friends told us to stop complaining and do something about it, so we created We hope you enjoy the site.

RentalSpot is supported by WillowTree Apps, one of the fastest growing mobile development companies in the nation.

Our Mission

Since 2009, our mission has been to create the best experience for users listing and/or searching for a vacation rental property. We believe:

  1. Vacation rental listings should be free
  2. Maps should be the primary way of finding a house
  3. Communication should be easy
  4. The platform should be fast and clean

What's the Catch?

Free to search. Free to list. No catch. No strings attached.

When the time is right, we have plans to:

  • Incorporate advertising
  • Sell premium services or premium content.
  • Market products and services to owners, agencies.
  • Provide additional products to our property owners or agencies.

There are some exceptions to our FREE service model. is a channel partner of HomeAway. If your property(s) is syndicated by HomeAway's Escapia Software or ISI Software, collects a 10% commission on properties booked through RentalSpot.

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